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Thread: Social Security "Lopsidedness"

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    The theory was, every wage-earner's pay was taxed, then upon retiring, payments to sustain living would be made to each for life. Given that almost no one can "stick to" a self-imposed savings regimen throughout their working lifetime, this ain't such a bad idea. If the fund had been secured forever against pilferage, as "guaranteed" by FDR. Not only pilfered, but additional benefits paid out not related at all to retirement, helping deplete a fund doomed to disaster.

    One's payback is determined by the Administration, NOT by individual retirement need. First lopsidedness. True, savings made faithfully by an individual equal to the tax amount withheld, could far exceed the eventual payback through SS, yeah, were it not for the fact that the bastards TAX the savings returns as one goes along. Yes, various types of legislation allow deferment of tax due, such as 401-K, but eventually, in the end, you get taxed when you need the dough most. Second lopsidedness.

    Over one's working lifetime, if earnings are "bottom end", one may qualify along the way for "assistance", food stamps, some kind of welfare help. But, as that individual toils along, ALL pay earned is subject to SS TAX! No exceptions. Third lopside. He needs ALL his pay, he gets taxed. Then, someday, upon retirement, he receives a pittance back, which they gloriously call "benefits" at the lowest possible amount paid out. Fourth.

    The highest wage earners receive the largest "benefits", seemingly an out of whack situation to me. The lowest earners get back the least. It WAS after all, called "Social Security Insurance", at one time. The ones needing it the least, get the most. Those needing it MOST, get the least.

    Governing America, at it's best. What do you think? jocular

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