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Thread: Help Me Design A Starship (18th century style)!

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    I started writing a story but unfortunately I couldn't come to terms with how the Starship should look. Inside it looks quite 18th century. Just in case that sounds unfamiliar, just google 18th century clothing online and you will see what I mean.

    Yet I want some realism still. Which means:

    1: No windows, except for a few for emergencies. Windows don't really do you anygood in space and are more a structural weakness. That's what cameras are for.

    2: The ship itself uses gravity generation for propulsion. So it has no visible exhaust nozzles.

    3: It does have some pipe ventst that vent steam to radiate heat. The ship itself has a virtually limiltless supply of water to burn as a heat sink. Know about Teleporters? They have them but their's don't care about range. At all. All you need is an ingoing and an outgoing teleporter and your good to go.

    4: Crew capacity: Fits 1000 people comfortably. Humanoid people mind you. Has hallways, a gym (pool, basketball court, exercise equipment). Has a large dining/ball room (18th century style to the max).

    So I thought about the shape couldn't really think of a design for the outside. Can you help?

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    Sounds like you're going in a Steampunk direction... Maybe you can intermingle elements of Victorian Architecture and Ironclads? Actually... Basing your design on ironclads alone might be promising.

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