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    Hi, I'm in senior high school and thinking about what degree to do in university (1 year to go!!!). I don't really want to do something that's too hard and heavy in science, especially since I'm no good at chem or physics (though I'm willing to learn). My main interests lie in biology and agriculture. In biology, I like the human body, cells, genetics, diseases etc. I have considered doing nursing.
    In agriculture, I like growing plants and would like to study them further, especially with genetics, 'breeding'/genetic modification sort of stuff, that sort of thing.
    I'm a rather shy person and would prefer to work alone - which is the main reason why I might not do nursing.. although it sounds fun because it's a continuous learning experience and there's always something to do, knowing my personality, I don't know if I can handle that kind of environment.

    What would you suggest for me? Thanks!

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