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Thread: phone/ radio masts up close, dangerous?

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    Just wondering how dangerous phone/ radio masts are, ie radioactivity levels etc as it popped up in pub talk the other evening<br><br>I have friends who climb these things frequently to get photos off the top (nutters if you ask me!), as nice as the pictures are i do wonder if they cause any harm for being close up and exposed for however long they are up there

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    Quote Originally Posted by phal View Post
    Just wondering how dangerous phone/ radio masts are
    1) No antenna mast in the US emits ionizing radiation. So "radiation sickness" is not a possibility.
    2) At high energies/high frequencies you are at danger for injury from several mechanisms:
    a) Your body absorbs energy at high frequencies from lossy transmission within your tissues. Some frequencies are absorbed much better than others (like 2.4GHz.) This can heat your body and cause injury if things get hot enough.
    b) At low frequencies currents are induced in your nerves (and to a lesser degree in the rest of your tissues.) These can cause odd sensations and at very high powers can cause heating.
    3) At low frequencies and high energies you can actually get electrocuted by the strong currents/voltages induced in the antennas. For example, if you try to climb an AM radio antenna, and you have one foot on the ground and one hand on the antenna, you can easily get zapped.

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