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Thread: Urgent problem with schedule with Science class?

  1. #1 Urgent problem with schedule with Science class? 
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    I am a sophomore in High School and I wish to switch out my Painting I class with Environmental Science. As a freshmen, I took Visual Arts I, and I am currently taking Drawing I. Will switching to Environmental Science for 2nd semester look negative to colleges? I've heard that colleges look for devotion to certain subjects, and that switching your classes and not continuing taking a certain type of class (i.e. art classes) looks bad to colleges. Yet, I plan to go to college in the science field, and I desperately want to take Environmental science (because I am interested in it). I've asked some of my friends and majority of them told me not to change it because I have classes with them, but to be honest it's great I have classes with friends, but I'd rather take a class that is stimulating and interesting than be stuck in a class that I am not interested in at all with my friends.
    So what would you recommend? Should I try Environmental Science or should I stick with Painting I for the sake of my impression in college? >.< I'm so worried I'm going to do something and I'm going to mess my whole high school career up. ToT
    I know I sound somewhat melodramatic, I just don't want to make a small mistake that leads to many future problems. >.<
    Replies would be very much appreciated! ^o^

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    One course isn't going to make much difference; the first years of college will be filled with a good number of liberal arts courses anyhow.

    Neither painting nor environmental science is going to show up on standard college exams, so you don't need to worry about that.

    Just be careful not to delay yourself from a course you'd like to complete by the time you graduate--For example if environmental science is a prerequisite for an advanced biology course you might want as a senior.

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