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Thread: ocean alpha : Wealthy but Waste , Make it worthy

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    environment :
    location like India , Brazil ...
    Society like arranged messy
    Law is very liberal and enforcement is weak
    Resource in terms of economy , rich are very rich .

    If made to loot around a billion dollar , what kind of arrangement would you go for ... in terms of building team .
    How many will be part of your team , and why they should be .... Where do you find their necessity .
    What should be the social science nature of bonding between them . What will be your attitude or attachment towards them.

    When successfull , Where will you invest your share ....
    What way will you turn black money to white..... how many years will you wait for it .

    inspired by ocean series

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    if not about designing game .

    in real , then how many of you would have joined ?

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