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Thread: We are not only eating materials but information...

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    Recently, Chen-Yu Zhang's group at Nanjing university present a rather striking finding that plant miRNAs could make into the host blood and tissues via the route of food-intake. Moreover, once inside the host, they can elicit functions by regulating host "target" genes and thus regulate host physiology.
    If it is
    true, the genetic foods become dangerous. Does anybody here have idea about this?

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    I am not quite why you state that "genetic foods" (which I interpret as vegetables and fruit) would become dangerous.
    Are there medical records that the delivery of miRNAs via the intake of plants (e.g. rice) is detrimental to human health?

    As I see it, I think that the findings have interesting implications, as stated in the original study (Zhang, L. et al., 2011):
    "Like vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients derived from food sources, plant miRNAs may serve as a novel functional component of food and make a critical contribution to maintaining and shaping animal body structure and function. Extending from this concept, the intake of certain plant miRNAs generation after generation through a particular food source may leave an imprint on the genetic map of the human race."

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