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    First saw them here on T-V infomercials. Fry-pans coated with "ceramic" instead of other non-stick materials. Teflon has limitations, may exude potentially bad stuff, degrades fairly quickly, is soft and intolerant to scratching or scraping. The ceramic jobs were vividly depicted as allowing fully-cooked foods to effortlessly slide right off the pan. I suppose the advertising efforts are so widespread, I've said nothing informative.

    We needed a new pan, went to Wally-World, and discovered they had a ceramic at half the usual T-V price, and half the Teflon coated price, size for size. My wife resisted, I prevailed, and we bought a 12-inch pan with nice, vertical sides and no long gradual curve which allows stuff to easily "slop up and out", white-colored ceramic coating inside only, aluminum body, by the weight of it, made in China, for $ 9.99, half the ad price of $ 19.99. Ah, but theirs is green, while ours is white. She has used it, without my observing results.

    Tonight I tried it out. A mix of raw veggies, red, yellow, and green peppers, onion, and 2 patties of frozen ground turkey, about a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic powder, no-salt, and a dash of hot sauce, slung onto the pan. High heat. Took 15 minutes to boil out the water, then meat started browning, and the vegs too. Quit when it all looked palatable, dumped it into a previously boiled handful of whole wheat spaghetti, added 1/2 can of fat-free Cream of Chicken Soup (would have preferred mushroom), sloshed out the remaining soup in the can with 1/4 can of 1% milk, brought it all to a boil, continuing until I liked the consistency. It was delicious!

    The ceramic pan cleaned up very easily, maybe more so than Teflon. Now, in my mind, "ceramic" is a non-metallic substance, rather a loose term, porcelain often being called ceramic, as are also the hard carbide compounds. How can ceramic be permanently bonded to an aluminum pan, withstand the differences in coefficient of expansion which are bound to exist, while shrugging off temperatures which boil away oil? I'm stumped.

    Health hazards? Bonding agents, constituents of the "ceramic" itself? I liked the results, and wonder how the Chinese got the expertise needed......jocular

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