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Thread: Associate in Science/transfer degrees, internships, & job shadowing tips?

  1. #1 Associate in Science/transfer degrees, internships, & job shadowing tips? 
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    I have an associate in science degree. Generally this degree is only good for transferring into a 4 year college. I was wondering if anyone else has any knowledge on what kind of jobs may be available with a degree such as this one. Are there jobs available for a transfer degree?

    Also does anyone have any information on what would be the best place to look for an internship for a science related field, whether be from lab work all the way to physical sciences? I know that some internships require that you have some experience or knowledge of the job you are seeking. If getting paid with an associates degree is not possible due to it only being a transfer degree, than there should be internships available for people with transfer degrees?
    Is there a good website that offers information on good internships or maybe a location in the city, a school, or some type of portal that would need to be accessed, or is it better just walking into random location and looking for the boss?

    Of course would the same apply for just job shadowing or even volunteer work? I would imagine it would be a little easier to do that since little work is involved and more observation pertaining to job shadowing.

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