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Thread: Air vortex thoughts / ramblings of the uneducated

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    Hey guys, came here looking for help in a subject that i cant seem to pin down.
    i am a bit of a science novice but i do tend to get the principle behind it, im just struggling to find something that is a simple answer

    basically i will be building a costume in the next year, which involves cannons on the back, ( its a science fiction costume )
    now obviously these cannot be real but the thought of them firing something harmless came to mind.

    my thoughts drifted to air " Vortices",

    I have seen few TV shows build giant gas/ explosive mix cannons, which obviously i do not require, and i have had a go doing the whole "box " with hole cut in it.

    there are also commercial versions but these may be a little too small for my liking, (even though i may use the smoke generators inside)

    the basic draft is a tube around six inches in diameter, possibly about 30 inches in length, a small smoke machine in the front, inside there will be piston which is the diameter of the tube attached to a geared rack and half gear much like a soft air gun. i am looking at around 10-20ft distance, more is better as it will be on stage.

    as a first hurdle, as far as i can tell, shape is pretty much irrelevant i assume?

    after that, what would be more important? the volume of the tube before the pressure wave exits, (could this have a detrimental effect if it was too long?) or the is it more dependent on the velocity of the pressurewave " inside?

    also i read somewhere before coming here that the more "agitation " using baffles inside the tube, the better, is this correct?

    thank you if anyone can help,

    have never been good at simple math, let alone this level of fluid dynamics.

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    Can you elaborate a bit on the effect you want to achieve? Will this be firing some harmless projectile like a nerf ball, or just a puff of smoke? Is it just one shot, or do you need a repeater? Should it make a sound of any kind?

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    it is literally a vortex of air, the smoke gets entrapped in it and allows it to be seen ( i tried posting a video of the toy but it denied me ) as for sounds and repeatability i am pretty good with that side of things , its more the "scaling " of the air vortex,

    there is a company who make a toy called Zero Blaster Vapor Vortex Generator ,( Google ) this is basically what i am referencing off, i just am not sure about the scaling of the math behind it that can be altered.
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