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Thread: Space science (for lack of other idea of classification)

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    Don't know where to state my suggestion and it probably sounds elementary. My background much less educational specialization is unrelated (computer science) but I felt inspired to ask something that I'm sure has already been thought of (if I took the time to read contemporary literature on the topic).

    My thought concerns space debri which I penned upon impulse. An it is as follows:

    An object (or objects) orbiting at an appropriate distance between earth and the debri orbiting earth could cause sufficient orbital decay and cause the debri to eventually fall, harmlessly in into earth's atmosphere, just as space objects do all the time. These objects would have to be in an "inner" orbit at the appropriate equilibrium (distance-wise) to cause their desired effect.

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    I'm sorry- but what is the direct question?

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    You would need to figure out how to attract only debris and not one of the 500+ active satellites.

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    Debris would be attracted as do anything within the earth's gravitational range. But satellites won't fall because they are moving at velocity strong enough to place them in a well defined orbit#
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    @STGBA0: I think you want to use the gravitational attraction of these imposed objects to draw off space debris?

    Problem: they'll flyby at incredible speeds, so the tug is fleeting.

    Massive problem: very massive objects are required for result in human lifetime.

    Damning problem: there are dozens of better alternatives.
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