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    Actually I got my new specs from online shopping and i didn't know my prescription at the time of purchase .The only thing i knew was my power i.e -1.25 so it came whole spherical .Now i just want to know if i continue to use this specs would it be causing any harm?????
    Actually I think I am suffering from little headache after wearing it.SO please remove my doubts.

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    If you have astigmatism, then you need some cylindrical, if not, your prescription will be for spherical. If it's wrong, then you won't be able to see very well, but I don't think it would cause any harm. Can you see all right? Why don't you go to an optometrist and get a prescription?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold14370 View Post
    go to an optometrist and get a prescription

    When eyes suffer from astigmatism, thus requiring a spherical correction, the suffering comes in the form of apparent "headaches" actually muscular aches in the eyeball due to constant lens re-focusing because the images formed on the retina are blurry one way, but re-focusing causes blurring another way, etc, etc, back and forth. If your 1.25 (diopters) spherical correction was incorrect, you would simply not be able to see close up or far away, but there would not be this constant re-focusing and overworking of your lens muscles.

    For me, I am near-sighted enough so that my reading/computer glasses merely consist of cylindrical correction for astigmatism. Without them, I'd get slammin' headaches.

    The testing often includes testing for glaucoma, so not having a recent prescription would indicate that you may be running the risk of having undetected glaucoma. And the testing can reveal other problems as well. So get tested.
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