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    <strong>The BrainSTEM: Your Future is Now Festival</strong>&nbsp;will connect remarkable technological innovations to the scientific breakthroughs that make them possible. The festival will feature highly interactive science-centre style exhibits, special presentations, public lectures, Science in the Club events and insider-tours of the world-class facilities of Perimeter Institute.&nbsp;&nbsp; Showcasing cutting edge technology and innovation, <strong>Your Future is Now Festival</strong> exhibits will deeply engage attendees, inspiring them with the wonders of science, technology and the fundamentals of physics, engineering and mathematics that make this progress possible.&nbsp; Public Lectures features: &nbsp;James Grime, Ray Laflamme and Lucy Hawking.<br><br>Perimeter Institute<br>31 Caroline Street North<br>Waterloo, ON<br>N2L 2Y5<br><br>Event Start Date:&nbsp; September 30, 2013<br>Event End Date:&nbsp; October 6, 2013<br>Event Start Time:&nbsp; 8:30 AM (weekdays), 9:00 AM (Saturday), 10:00 AM (Sunday)<br>Event End Time:&nbsp; 9:00 PM (weekdays), 6:00 PM (Saturday), 5:00 PM (Sunday)<br>AGES:&nbsp; All ages<br>TYPE:&nbsp; Festival (Science Festival) outdoor and indoor<br>Phone:&nbsp; 519-883-4480<br><br>

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