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Thread: Dumbest statements

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    here we shall place the most stupid statements we have ever read. Be it from the internet, book, etc. One can also state things that they have heard (naturally).

    This thread has a few purposes. One is humor, another is to prove some people are evolving backwards. Haha (another crappy joke. har.)

    If evilution was real, why don't we see transitioonal forms between humans and angels? Think about that
    Yes, ladies and gents, I think he is serious.


    And to megabrain, no comments on telekinetics.

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    August 6th, 2004.

    Quote Originally Posted by President Bush
    "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful - and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people - and neither do we."
    Well he spoke it, but the forum software says 'wrote'..


    Your quote looks like a Hovind statement, can you confirm?

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    Actually, I think it is too. However, I cannot confirm, since I got it from another forum. But I believe it IS his statement!
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    I have another one aquired just recently from another forum (which recently, and thankfully, underwent a revamp so fallacies like this are NOT allowed):

    And why do you keep saying how age does not matter?
    That quote is in reference to my continual PROVING that age doesn't matter intelligence wise by a logical example. I repeated myself over 12 times on that forum to the exact same person, and the person never replied directly to any of them. Instead, she kept saying something similar to the above.

    Basically, here is a preview of the fallacy:

    I am 40.
    You are 16.
    Since I am older I know more than you.

    That is actually the basis of 90% of the posts that user used as a "rebuttle" to mine. Naturally it was a theist (why do I never see an atheist that stupid?! I want to find at least one damnit!) who ignored continual citations of fallacies.

    By far, after all I went through trying to talk some sense into that person, yet to have her still spout such stupidity, I have lost all hope for humanity. And have been convinced that she is the dumbest person on the planet.
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