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Thread: Calculating Reservoir pressure

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    I am studying pressure. I have some data to calculate reservoir pressure in a sealed unit. Do I use the TVDSS data with a minus sign if it is below sea level or a minus sign if it is above sea level. Logically, if it is below sea level it should be a positive value as the scale is a sub sea scale but the charts show sub sea with a minus sign...... As it changes the sign in the formula, it affects the result.

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    Without knowing what equation(s) you are using it is not possible to give a definitive answer. However, surely you can just run the calculation both ways - this should produce either radically different results, or the same results bar the sign. In the latter case you know the pressure is positive, so that's taken care of. In the former case you know the probable boundaries for pressure gradient i.e. between .465 and 1.0 psi/ft and you can eliminate the answer that doesn't fit.

    Keep in mind that if some of your data are derived from SIDPP that for accuracy you would need to take into account the difference between TVDSS and RKB.

    If you can give me more information on what data you have and how you are trying to use it then I can likely be more specific.

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