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Thread: Please help!

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    Please HELP! I have started a wildflower perfumery business. I am using a mild benzoate base fluid (C8H8O) as a carrier for the wildflower essences. The essence scents attach readily to nitrogen atoms. I have chosen Sodium Nitrate (NANO3) as the source of nitrogen to carry the scent particles into the benzoate base. My question is, how do I mix the sodium nitrate with the benzoate so the nitrogen atom attaches to the benzoate? Do I use sulphuric acid or HCL acid to induce the nitrogen atom to attach? Do I add the an acid to the sodium nitrate to make the solid into solution and then mix with the benzoate? Do I need to heat to get the attachment whilst doing?

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    Someone's combining nitrates- I'm outta here. You can find me in the bunker.

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