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Thread: Black Hole ≈ Parallel Universe?

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    I am new to the forum . I've been longing to ask this question to someone who can really help me out. I saw it on a television show about black holes and it was explained that IF there's something really as parallel universe, black hole MIGHT be a way to travel through. But I've heard that black hole only eats (I don't know the exact term) lights and other celestial bodies near it and grows bigger. So, I have two questions:
    1. Are there people, astronauts really eaten by black hole?
    2. .. And is there really any CHANCE for black hole being the medium of transportation to a parallel universe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Void View Post
    1. Are there people, astronauts really eaten by black hole?
    The nearest black hole to us is about 1600 light years away, so there are no humans near enough to a black hole to have been 'eaten'.
    It would take light 1600 years to get to it and it would take us even longer.

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