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    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I had some questions.

    First off, I am not a scientist by any means. I don't have any college level science experience. The only thing I have is a huge desire to help influence things to move forward in the right direction faster then they are, and a love for how things work and the general basis of "science". I am a 22 year old programmer with ideas on how to create and administrate a facility that would allow for huge advancements in science.

    I do not know if anyone here can help me, or perhaps has experience in what I am asking, but if you do, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I am curious as to US laws governing the creation of research facilities. Also, does the government have to be included in research if they are not funding anything?

    Furthermore, how would someone with no scientific background or business background go about taking his ideas and concepts and helping them become a reality? My ideas would require significant funding, preferably private to avoid having to do what the government wants (not much interest in weapons development, although I am sure some of the topics I would like to address could be applied as such).

    My own assumptions are that:
    First I would need to find someone in the scientific community who shares my ideas and is known who would act as someone who supports my ideas and has the knowledge to state it would be feasible.

    Second, I would also need someone to help me plan out the financials of what would be needed to create and maintain a facility that would be able to achieve whatever goals are decided.

    Also, someone who knows a lot about the laws governing such facilities that I could speak with at various stages of planning in order to ensure everything is handled correctly.

    Also, if anyone here knows anyone who can do any of the above that I could e-mail and discuss things with, or know where I can get a legal NDA form that I could use to start actually fielding ideas with people, I would be greatly appreciative.

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