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    I have been in a discussion with a group about a type of fire gel I heard about on a TV documentary. I know that there is an additive used in paints and various coatings available to the general public. However, I do not know if it is the same material. The documentary showed a person dipping his hand into the stuff and then a blowtorch was used to test it's resistance to fire. The participant then reported that he felt very little heat behind the coating. It was also applied outside a car window. The person inside felt the area of the window where the heat was applied and again felt very little heat at that location. The subject of the discussion, was whether or not the compound can be utilized in the space program as a protectant for the crew of the first mars mission as an inherent ingredient in the heat shield in an effort to reduce weight of the proposed 20 to 30 ft. diameter inflatable shield.

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