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Thread: Good books for a high school student perusing medical field

  1. #1 Good books for a high school student perusing medical field 
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    The title says it all. I am not sure what medical field, I'd just rather have an intro book, that is high school level. I wanted people to give experience they've had rather than just google.

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    The only interesting medical stuff for general readership is usually written by people who are seriously expert in their field. If you're interested in brain stuff or reproductive stuff or gerontology or curing cancer or improving the life of amputees or biomedical research you'd have a better chance of getting good material. Or are you interested in ancillary health work, say podiatry (you need to get on top of diabetes and a couple of other things for that), physiotherapy and the like.

    If you're just interested in getting into medicine, you don't need to know much more than that it's very hard work. And never overlook a chance to improve your maths and science skills at your current level. Anything you can learn now will make absorbing the material later just a bit easier.

    I don't have any recommendations for biology or anatomy books if that's what you're looking for.

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