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Thread: In need of input for a project!

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    Basically my teacher assigned me a group project where my group and I need to create a discussion board and recruit several individuals to comment / give their opinions.

    Here is the topic and my take on it; you can either agree or disagree with my statement in your input.

    What are some subjects science should not tamper with? What is so profitable about tampering with these certain subjects?

    My statement:

    From the early years of simple blood transfusions to the complexity of neurosurgery, humans have made a significant progress in scientific discoveries. Over the past decade cloning, specifically human cloning, has been a controversial issue. In some Western religions cloning is considered a taboo, accusing one of attempting to “play God”. While in Asian religions, such as Buddhism, cloning can be justified through the belief of recycling life through reincarnation. Although the idea of cloning a human being is still strictly frowned upon, Dr.Zavos, a fertility specialist, has claimed to have created human embryos from the cells of a dead baby. Instead of allowing the parents of the deceased child to move on and deal with their loss naturally, he gives them false hope, for the process failed miserably. The concept of reproductive human cloning has been defended by the idea that it could aid couples who are infertile, but cloning comes with risks. According to NBC news, Lanza, a researcher for Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts, “cloned offspring have evidenced dozens of health problems, including obesity, seizures, tumors, severe cardiovascular problems, thymus problems and joint problems. [...]25 to 30 percent of the animals that came to term suffered abnormalities” Would you really want to bestow the burden of deformities on a child?

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    None. All topics are open to science.

    Paper done- give my my "A."

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