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    A few years back I personally got to know a fellow inventor in Arkansas who has successfully replicated the GEET technology. Intuitively he mentioned that by merging the joepipe and GEET systems together a new super hybrid system could be designed surpassing both technologies individually. At the time this brother had designed and perfected the GEET to operate 18 wheelers with an incresse exceeding 250%. This is not conjecture but fact. Interested to see how gasoline converted into GEET gas would perform as a fuel replacement for propane to run a joepipe, he went ahead and trief it out. The GEET furnace is posted on u tube for anyonevwho wants to search out the results. Compared to using propane the results were exponentially beyond standard joepipe testing. The GEET technology is legit and presently being used in France. If the GEET was another another conspiracy theory, why did the Feds go to all the trouble to supptess it and falsely incarcerate Paul Pantone? A similar instance also happened to Dennice Lee. GEET Gas has been privately tested for its ability to transmute carbon into a higher fuel state where the emmisions are 3, 200 F supet heated air. The same composition sd the air we breath. For gasification of organic or petroleum waste into syngas CO2 is not want you want in your pyrolysis zone. The super heated air from the combustion of GEET Gas would replace the need to preheat incoming air into the gasification process. Basically GEET Gas syngas is the combination of various hydrocarbon chains into into basic elements. Or matter that is molecular in size into its most basic atomic structure. Diesel for example has 125, 000 Btu's per gallon. The energy output is calculated by the energy combined to form the complex hydrocarbon chains. It is not measired on diesel that has been broken down into the basic elements that compose the diesel. If this is true then thete is a lot more energy in diesel if it can be refined. In short EMULSAFIED DIESEL converted into GEET Gas should generate more Btu but more importantly No carbon emissions. If used to produce a implosion reaction in the joepipe, the compression of energy could well generate a low level plasma or ionized output of heat energy. GEET for gasification if it works would replace the need for oil. Most all energy needs could be met through the gasification of all wastes into usable form without the harmfall environmental effects.

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    Is this a double thread?

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    Conspircay theorist rubbish.
    Trash please.
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    GEEt is a complete money making farce without science, engineering or any peer-reviewed suggesting it might work.User:ÆE/Paul Pantone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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