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    I had been thinking that many of my friends were unable to have children, or if they did, the children had some sort of disability. I calculated it up based on the people I am still friends with that are the same age as me and grew up in my area. This is what I found:

    Total Couples: 16
    Couples who have healthy Children: 8
    Couples who are unable to have children: 4
    Couples who have 1 or more autistic children: 4

    50% of the friends I know about are either unable to have children or have autistic children. Any ideas why this number would be so high for my area?

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    total number of children please

    where do you live?

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    How old are the children? If they are very young still, maybe your local doctor is over-diagnosing autism?

    How old are you and your friends? Unfortunately the likelihood of autism (and infertility) increases with maternal age Higher maternal age predicts risk of autism
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    How do you know that the couples without children are unable to have children, that they don't choose to be childfree? That is very personal information.
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