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    I believe that human cells contain 23 chromosomes, while those of our nearest ape relatives have 24, so that either our ancestors or theirs changed number.Tossing a mental coin, assume it was our ancestors changed, the initially there would have been an individual with 23 chromosomes in a population where everyone else had 24. A number of questions arise.1. How would that individual differ? There must have been substantially advantageous differences for it to have become the new standard.2. Could 23 and 24 chromosome individuals interbreed? If not, there would be an Adam-and-Eve situation when two 23-chromosome individuals occurred. If such cross-breeding could occur, I wonder if there are populations of any animal with differing numbers of chromosomes?3. How long would it have taken for the species to change from all having 23 chromosomes to all having 24?

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    Chromosome 2 (human) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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