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Thread: Right Material/Alloy for Magnetic Cooling

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    I am planning to build a simple Room Temperature Radiator using the Magneto Caloric Effect [MCE]
    I am looking at a Cooling power of 10-20 J K kg.
    Can someone Suggest me the right material for use?
    Considering that i will be running the setup in my bedroom with a Magnetic Field of 1 Tesla from a permanent magnet.
    The Material should be completely soluble in distilled water.
    The setup will be like this.
    Distilled water containing the soluble Material at 35-45 C will be going through the radiator which will be under a magnetic field of 1 Tesla.
    Expectation is, the Distilled water entering at 40 C will get heated more[Due to MCE] at the same time cooled [Since it flows in a radiator-Air Heat transfer].
    When it comes out of the Radiator it should be cooled more when it leaves the Magnetic Field.
    Can Pure Gadolinium or any of its alloy or compound be soluble in distilled water?
    Even if it or any other material does, can it show a Temperature difference of at-least 10 C below Ambient Temperature ?


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