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Thread: Newby in many ways: Question please?

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    Where best to POST my questions; Is there a forum topic categorys that mid & senior physic
    (particle/biochemistry “Qs”) folk that don’t mind advising hunger minds? I will try to make my questions interesting…?

    PS: A Bad Joke: Every time I get confused, I Meditate, I Go: Ummmmmm

    Hello: I am Dave; okwithme

    I have a past/present interset in, what i call: Holoistic Bio-chem

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    If the question has more emphasis on physics post it in the physics section. If it's biochemistry oriented then chemistry or biology. If you put it in the wrong place one of the mod team will move it for you.

    I hope your questions are subject to better spell and grammar checking than your post here.

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