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    as pointed out recently in the chat box, it seems modern civilization has become mentally lazy. Addiction to video games is a symptom of this. We don't seem to have enough to do.

    IMO, i think it is because we have removed ourselves so far from nature that we don't know how to be human anymore. We don't know what it means to be human or if it means anything at all.

    Being a bear means you live in the woods, forage for food and scratch your butt on trees. Being a snail means you live in wet places, get around slowly and avoid piles of salt. There are just basic behaviors associated with most species that are directly related to their ability to survive in nature.

    But with humans, well a good majority of us, at least those in modernized cultures, wouldn't know the first thing about how to survive in nature. Many of us couldn't figure out how to move a huge stack of bricks from one place to the next without an app to tell us how. We simply cannot be bothered to think for ourselves. We want constant entertainment and automation on anything that is associated with survival.

    At one point in time, children knew exactly what they were eating and where it came from. They knew that if they were eating meat, at one point in time it was a living animal going about its business until a predator, a human, ended that business and made it a meal. People used to appreciate life because they were intimately connected and aware of how in order to live, we must consume life.

    Now we are so disconnected from the life we consume that we don't even recognize when we are consuming our own lives in spite of it. We become drones, slaves, to our technology. Completely dependent on it for survival while a minority of people deal with the unpleasantness of reality. The slaughter of animals, the harvest of plants. Our meals are neatly packaged and delivered to us. Meat prepared in ways it is hard to recognize that it ever was meat. (referring to mechanically separated meat products). I can't remember the last time I ate a steak. partly because I am physically incapable of it, but even before that occurred i stopped eating steak because it required too much effort to properly prepare. and my only duty at that point was to buy it and cook it. most of the effort involved in having steak is put forth by the farmer and the butcher. they do the dirty work.

    The sad reality is, we all must survive at the expense of life. But we separate ourselves from that reality to the point that we no longer appreciate the life we have, because we can no longer perceive the cost of our lives. So we take life for granted and waste time being bored. playing games. Complaining about how we are not getting what we think we are entitled to.

    Sometimes, I think our society should be a bit more militaristic in it's thinking. Reality lessons should be forced upon us all. I think we should be forced to live in survival camps for a portion of our childhood so that we learn how to solve real problems. and how to keep things into proper perspective. so we learn respect for nature and life and death. So we have less time to worry about who the neighbors are sleeping with. less time to worry about what Polly said about Jenny behind her back. less time to worry about whether or not we all believe in the same imaginary friends or not.

    I spent time living in a society that didn't have access to all the latest technology, at least not all the time. I had to do laundry by hand, I had to prepare food from scratch. No instant just add water meals. I had to pick out a live chicken and watch it be slaughtered in front of me. I learned to not waste food. I hated watching the chickens die. I saw how the farmers struggled to produce vegetables and how scarcity of fresh tomatoes can bring on major hardships. I struggled to keep drinking water drinkable and safe.

    We have life too easy in our modern cultures and I think it could be one of the reasons that members of this society, have no issues with killing indiscriminately and without remorse. Life is too easy. Killing is too easy. We are all disconnected but delude ourselves that we are super connected because, well we have apps for that. Apps are not a replacement for reality. But will we ever realize that? Or do we need an app to tell us so?

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    Ok well I don't necessarily agree! I do think your with the way live has changed for so many of us, however what I would question is whether or not this really is such a bad thing. Yes many of the the things we may have to deal with or worry about may seem a little trivial perhaps when you could indeed be out in a wilderness somewhere perhaps and every decision could mean life or death. I for one wouldn't wish to live like that, I quite like a nice sanitised life where the things to eat taste nice and are very easy to obtain, I like that I has time and can choose what to do with it, that it isn't all filled for me with some ridicously simplistic tasks. What I think our technology has done is allowed us to evolve without being dependent on evolution. It has given us the chance to choose what we eat and when, how we spend our time, to invent entertainment perhaps this very concept migh not even have existed without the advantages our technology gives us. Also I like the fact that beacuse of our lifestyles we able to live longer and are not all dead by 30, that medical problems can be overcome and diseases cured, that people don't have to spend their lives in pain. I like also the fact we have removed ourselvse as a species from the competitive element that exists within nature, this gives us the opportunity to create things like art and music, these would surely not exist if every day was a struggle for survival in the normal kill or be killed arena of nature.

    To me modern life is all about possibilities and choice, we can still go off on adventures but in a more secure atmosphere where we are relatively safe and thus can keep on repeating the experience by going on many different adventures. We have so much opportunity and freedom now that if you only go back even a few hundred years never existed for most people, so we should enjoy it to the maximum. The only real restrictions upon us is the restrictions within our own minds, in reality we are all free. Ok so at times it may not always feel that way but it is all a question of perspective, some may say they are not able to go walking on this piece or that piece of land anymore but how much other land around the world can you go and explore? More than could fill numerous lifetimes, and as for restrictions there have always been restrictions, imagine if you were walking towards a cliff edge you could go any further when you got there, so for modern life it's just possibly a question of imagining a few more cliff edges around, again just a matter of perspective.

    No I feel each of us has so much to be thankful for the least we can do is go and make the most of it.

    Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. - confucius
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