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    I find myself getting frustrated a lot playing this game perhaps because I don't understand how the brain exactly works during this game. When I throw a dart at a target on the board and it hits where i aimed how does my brain deal with this, as i would assume it would record some part of how i threw it etc so i could repeat it. I also like to know the possible processes that take place when i am about to throw another dart at the same target, which 9/10 for me won't be anywhere near it (i have been playing this for a year, lots of repetition).

    I really would be interested in how you think (or know) the brain handles this kind of activity.

    Thanks for reading.

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    My guess is that such a task and learning procedure would fall under procedural memory, which is a form of motor learning.

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    beer. Playing darts requires it. Improves concentration, ever watch a drunk open his wallet? takes total concentration. Darts, like drinking beer, is a social cultural thing, they're linked. Where have you gone Jockey Wilson?
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