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    Hello everyone,i am new to this site,and although im not an academic,i find myself having a growing interest in science,particularly physics,which i have an A-level understanding of.I was wondering if anyone could answer me a question on the subject of time travel-from what ive read and understood-one could in theory travel in time using a black hole-but would it be possible to travel in time without moving significantly in space?
    Im sorry if this is a very basic question and some more knowledgeable than myself have to "think down" here,but id be very grateful to anyone who could answer this and if possible outline how it could be achieved.
    Many thanks.

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    The problem with time travel can be expressed quite simply, it is possible to travel forwards in time by slowing yourself down, however it is not possible to travel backwards within time as this creates a causality paradox, which basically means effects would then be preceeding their causation which would violate your ability to control the causes hence the paradox. So of course this is in practise impossible.

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

    Bertrand Russell
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    Thank u for ur reply...i'd kind of reasoned that travel to the past would be frought with complication,for example,.if u travelled back in time,then returned to the place u left from,only 2 minutes earlier,would u not see yourself preparing to go into the past??And would that mean that there were now TWO of you??And the point u made about it too,can of worms is the phrase that springs to mind!!
    A friend suggested to me that all ud have to do in theory would be to get close to a really massive object,thus slowing down your time compared to those u left behind...but it wasnt quite satisfying as an answer,because obviously ud still have 2 travel in space to reach the massive object.

    So then,does any theory allow u to travel forward in time yet not moving in space at all??
    Im sorry if this question betrays lack of knowledge,as i say-i've only done science to A-level and scraped a B grade-13 years ago-so im rusty2say the least....would it be that as space and time are intertwined,travel in one dimension(time)would automatically include travel in the other(space)?
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