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Thread: Earliest recorded action by man

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    When, where, and what was the earliest feat performed and recorded by a named individual human?

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    Interesting question. There is probably no definitive answer. It is hard to separate mythical figures from historical. It will probably be someone from Sumer or Egypt.

    A couple of useful discussions here:
    Who is the earliest historical figure? - Straight Dope Message Board
    First historical individual - Straight Dope Message Board

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    I'd go with Gilgamesh, because he explicitly desired his name stamped on bricks, and determined to do mighty deeds and build monuments to make it so. It's tidy and self actualizing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newscience View Post
    When, where, and what was the earliest feat performed and recorded by a named individual human?
    How would we recognize it? Perhaps ancients had a way that has since vanished or become misinterpreted or mistakenly ignored or gone unrecognized. The guy who invented the wheel may have had his named notched on a tree or scratched in the sand.
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    Assuming the OP is asking for the earliest recorded person that we know about today... I'd agree with Pong that it is likely Gilgamesh.
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    I'd look for early rulers actions.
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