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Thread: Chinese New Year, Feb 4, year of the snake

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    2013 is Year of the Snake and it will arrive on February 4, 2013. (Note: Chinese New Year Day is on February 10, 2013. The
    first day of 2013 Chinese Astrology Year is on February 4, 2013.) Many people are eager to know if they will have better luck in the forthcoming year than previous years. Here, we want to use Chinese Astrology's Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) theory to explain people's fortune in 2013 and foresee what will happen in their lives in the Water Snake year.

    According to the Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2013 is the Year of Water Snake . The color of Water in Five Elements system is related to Black. Therefore we can say 2013 is a Black Snake, Water Snake or Black Water Snake year.

    Chinese Astrology is a Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal can be converted into Five Elements. Snake contains mainly Fire. It also contains some Metal and Earth. Snake is in the Fire group. Water of 2013 and Fire of Snake are opposite elements. Therefore most of people will experience mix of good and bad fortune.

    Water Snake is Fire under Water. Snake is a clam, shy, cautious and low-key animal in Chinese Horoscope. Snake won't attack its opponent, unless it's disturbed or hungry. If Fire is not your favorite element, then you should keep a distance from Fire in 2013. Otherwise, if you fool with Fire, then you may get burn.
    Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese horoscope order sequence. Six (6) is an even number, Chinese horoscope treats Snake is a Yin (female) animal. However, Snake contains Male Fire , Male Metal and Male Earth . The outside of Snake looks soft, but the inside is tough. Male Metal in the Snake is very special.

    Metal's mother element is Earth and Earth's mother element is Fire. Snake is a birth place of Male Metal. Male Metal will become mature when the Autumn comes. If there are Chicken and Cow in the birth chart, then Male Metal will become very active during the Fall season. Since Fire and Metal are opposite elements, people's fortune may start to change direction after Summer.
    Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Although, Snake uses its tongue to smell, people don't like the spitting tongue which is associated with mouth action, possibly argumentation. Therefore, the Snake has the potential to hurt people relationship, especially, when Tiger and Monkey are around.,d.eWU

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    So this year will be snake year according to the Chinese astrologers now it is sure the characteristics of the year will be like water snake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmictraveler View Post
    Therefore most of people will experience mix of good and bad fortune.
    Well, that is a prediction that is unlikely to be proved wrong!
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