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Thread: Dew point of air

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    Any one can help me.. how can i increase the dew point of air?

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    Changing the composition of the elements in the air perhaps? I'm not really sure.

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    Dew is merely the interaction of the relative humidity of air at one temperature becoming condensable to water as the temperature decreases.

    You need to change either the moisture content of the air or the temperature or both. If you're interested in collecting water from air by getting dew to condense, you can find a way to make the surface(s) colder than the surrounding air or channel the air in some way so that it will condense at the bottom of the channel because the heavier moisture laden air will move to that position. This is often done on corrugated iron roofs and the collected water directed by a gutter and piping into a tank.

    If you want to stop water from condensing out of air onto surfaces, you can do something about the surfaces or you can disturb the air by fans or something similar.
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    I once pointed out to a friend, the unusually-formed clouds off in the distance, having perfectly flat bases, then billowing upward. He remarked, being an afficionado of flight, that the flat base of the cloud indicated at that altitude, the dew point equalled the temperature of the surrounding air. Sound right?

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    The easiest way is to add water vapor to the air which will raise the dew point. Dew point is, by definition, the temperature at which condensation starts...aka dew starts to form at a set amount of water vapor.

    Above the dew point, the ambient temperature doesn't effect the dew point which is why meteorologist use dew point rather than relatively humidity.

    There are assumptions made such as there's a suitable surface for condensation (most surfaces work...many particles don't).
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