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Thread: Creating a fertile hybrid mammal ex: ligers or mules

  1. #1 Creating a fertile hybrid mammal ex: ligers or mules 
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    As I understand it, hybrid animals like tigers x lions and horses x donkeys are infertile because they have incompatible sets of chromosomes. Reading through Edgar Anderson's Plants, Man and Life he explains how previously infertile crosses of some plants (ex: Primula floribunda x Primulata verticillata --> Primulata kewensi) became fertile by becoming polyploidy (by happenstance mind you) and effectively being able to provide a full set of chromosomes from each parent to pass onto its progeny. We can now do this sort of thing artificially to crossbreed various closely related plants. I was wondering if any research has been done looking at the possibility of allowing chromosomal duplication in a newly formed zygote, arresting the process to prevent division, and then doubling the chromosome count again and proceeding as normal to create polyploid cells in hybrid mammals. I haven't done research about this question, and this post is more of a coffee shop daydream of "Wouldn't it be cool if we could create fertile ligers?!"

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