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    I had a wonderful dream. In that dream i was like as if like in the movie 'the time machine' travelled to a future. But i can't makeout is it the past or the future? In that movie the city of bombay and the whole india has turned into like as in the sci fi movie 'district 9'. There are no buildings in bombay only crooked dwellings like as in the movie 'district 9' with trash. Indian people like as of now do the same daily routine, like bringing in vegetables and going to work(their favourite pastime being sexual). Like as in the movie 'highlander', even after 200 years the people indian appeared exactly the same as they were seen 200 years before!!! So this dream of mine is like a yogic dream which tells me that god our creator has sent each of us to earth as an individual identity and we are distinct. And our identities can neither be theft, nor destroyed and nor replicated. Our skin, hairs, eyes ...are infact like an electronic interference. This concept is mentioned in movies matrix and terminator trilogy. That our sansar(world) and we as human dwell in an electronic communion governed by laws of nature. So i wake in the dwelling find to see that now india lives in district 9. As i come to know that there is a big colorful artistic mahal somewhere, when i reach it its very similar to buckingham palace of england. I am being told that i now am destined to be the king of india(emperor of the world). Which seems a bit exhaggerated but i can presume for this particular dream of mine. When i come to know about my fate that it is written as my destiny and nobody could erase/change it. This district 9 india doesn't now as of the present state live on money status. As having high money doesn't makes an individual rich in district 9, even person living in crooked dwellings have high amounts of money! When i finally enter the indian mahal, i am not called as a muslim side king or a hindu side king. I am called as king of india emperor of the world. As soon as i enter the mahal as king, many dust covered horse carriages buggys are like taken out of their graves. These horse carraiges are not short but were of the past india heritage kings queens. Could accomodate a big sofa, a vintage car and was pulled by eight horses. So there were atleast four carraiges. When i enter the mahal as king of india, i am not just supposed to enjoy the riches lavishnes of being the king. I had worked to do to preside over the people of india. Being a king of india is not easy. From kashmir to kanyakumari and from bombay to calcutta, people have connected to me by their minds, ears, sight. So when i say 'stand rise' all people stood, and when i said 'sit' all people sat. When i said all people leave, all went away. The next day i presided over to see the workers of india. In the district 9 india, the factories, industries...etc were not individual but as a single one factory. There was a big hatch in the ground, which was opened by my servant. When i entered underground there was a big factory and millions of workers working to make various things like cars vehicles, electronic goods, clothes...etc. Just reminicent as saruman's factory in LOTR. So i think is this dream real and indian armed tanks, fighter aircrafts factories are infact underground! And then when in crisis they are brought above the ground. When i supervise the indian district 9 young generation i am amazed to see the intelligence of indians. They come from villages but read big books of chemistry, engineering ..etc. And many then put to practical application in the underground factory. So i suggest the indian young generation to leave their studying. First they defy and start a mob agitation with big knives. Then afterwards they all agree but then who will succeed their fathers in the factories? So there is an arms struggle for freedom from bondage heritage labour of the factory workers and their youths. They are against armed guards who make them to work in the factories. This social struggle gives the 'mathadi kamgar' district 9 workers opportunity to free themselves from centuries old oppression. Their youths then make guns as effective as m-16 rifle but with weird shape. And finally have renaissance with the age old traditions. So as i think of this dream, was india independance of 1947 and freedom struggle really against the monarchy of british rule? Or was it for gaining independance from oppression of workers in 1000 years of labour!!? The ruling power might be just for namesake! Like mughal kingdom and east india company.
    But when the factory shuts down, i am sitting in my courtroom as a king. And on my left hand side there are my ministers seated. And on the right hand side other dignitories. A muslim minister says to me...alampanah what have you done? Why have you asked for your youths of india not to touch books and factory workers not to work! If the factory stops and indians wouldn't work then there won't be chicken neither its eggs, there won't be fishes in the sea and neither there will be coriander in the fields!!!
    When days past by there are no vegetables and no chickens. And many people are seen fleeing going for greener pastures. So this dream suggests that as one sows thou shall reap.
    Maybe the district 9 concept also brings into question that do alien beings, golums etc live with indian society? They might be using the computer pc to activate unknown hidden programs which could connect them communicate with their spaceship communities!? Also about sense and perception indian people would use their minds psychic system altogether and supervise each and every identity of each corner of the world. From india they might be knowing what a white american in usa is working, whats his financial status and even his/her emotional background. Moreover indians might even know whats cooking in distant russia beef meal and what it tastes like sense perception!!! But haven't tasted in reality in india. So its much like the matrix movie. So as in the 'time machine' movie, was india in the past like 'district 9' or would be in the future like 'district 9'???

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    Your question is moot.
    It was (as you stated) a dream.
    Dreams don't make sense.

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    The format of the post will probably deter most people. I'd suggest restructuring it.
    "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin
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    No dream can contain that much information. Although I agree that India is just like The Matrix, once you've seen it three times you don't want to see it anymore.
    All that belongs to human understanding, in this deep ignorance and obscurity, is to be skeptical, or at least cautious; and not to admit of any hypothesis, whatsoever; much less, of any which is supported by no appearance of probability...Hume
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