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    A month before I graduated from High School, we were given a tour of the local fire and police station then were shown a horrible movie of a prom party that went bad. I won't get into that part because it was gruesome. Anyway, when we first entered the building through double doors we found ourselves in what looked like a medium sized atrium or foyer shaped like a pentagon. It contained several doors and a large glass receptionist window in the front wall where a policewomen and all her consoles was seated behind it.

    After a few minutes there was a startling buzz causing some of us to jump and one of the doors opened. A policeman came out, introduced himself, and began explaining how the building was constructed and how all the doors in this room had no windows, handles, or doorknobs. He went on to say that when someone enters the station the main door locks behind them and you can't leave or go anywhere unless the dispatcher pushes a button on her console. You were trapped in that room with a phone, rest room, and water fountain. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Today, I wonder what it would be like if all schools had that same kind of system. In our school, for example, we already had metal detectors and a security guard. You had to be a parent, guardian, or family member to come in but if the guard was incupacitated that person could come all the way in. I wonder if this would help stop lunatics from entering a school, going to each of the classrooms, and shooting kids. I know police stations do that to keep people from escaping or attemping to free a person but it would work just as well turned around.

    With this system installed a person entering the school, wouldn't be able to get past the front office. Something like this has to be done because I see a lot more school shootings coming like the Amish school just today. A lot more. Maybe you people with kids should go to town meetings and demand something like that.


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    Good idea! If the system trapped you in a lobby with a guard and a receptionist, then what chance is the for the killers to get to the cafeteria?


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    What saddens me is that your proposal may be a practical one. The real solution is to address the cause of the problem. This solution treats the symptoms not the causes.
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    The only problem I could see is fire danger. I guess you would have to have some sort of over-ride in case of a fire.
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    It is the price you will have to pay for "The right to bear arms".
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