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    I was viewing the modern version of movie 'planet of the apes'. In that movie the gist is like what if the scientific movie writer wanted to convey to the viewer that monkeys had evolved brain and much faster reasoning than human beings. The writer of the drama in the end of the movie states that the chimp sent as a volunteer in the modern space age ship of humans lands in a time zone through a portal successfully driving the spacepod which the human had failed to land. The scenario is when the surviving humans fight with ape army. And the senior orangutan of the tribe finds back again into the experimental cages. So were the laboratory chimps who were once experiments of humans infact evolved monkeys with their other brothers sisters of their kind?
    Monkeys are small stature mammals but the scientific movie maker specifies that humans have smaller mindedness and error prone. But monkeys are exteriorly erratic but mind skilled! What if then other mammals like dogs cats too have significant brain and language!?..

    Nowdays the modern world never seem to going for discoveries and findings.
    If anyone of you foreigner groups maybe wants to go out for a science expedition across the globe, the please contact me- +91-9920173897.
    You know scientific researches like UFO hotspots, biological zones etc.
    The scientific discoverers of napolean bonaparte which then carried on by adolf hitler and then someone else has to search walk on their footsteps!??

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