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Thread: Moon and buildings to make energy?

  1. #1 Moon and buildings to make energy? 
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    Does the moon have a pulling effect on a big object, like a building?
    I know it attracts the sea to make tides.
    What if a skyscraper was built on pistons? Would the moon pull and release
    the building, thereby moving the pistons to create energy?

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    Yes, the Moon does have a gravitational effect on a large object, like a building. However, the building is in contact with the much larger Earth, which overwhelms the small effect on the building of the Moon.

    If you mounted a building on pistons, you'd likely get more movement of the pistons from the Earth, than the Moon. In spurts and rather random...
    Try it in San Francisco or Japan.

    Now, the reason the Oceans show tides, is because the ocean is far, far, far, far more massive than any building on Earth- and is fluid.
    The tide is noticeable, but still slight compared the extreme mass of the ocean.

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