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    You know, sometimes I just need to write something, because I am bored or want to say something, no matter what. I do not really expect someone to reply anything or what. Just …want to write something. Most people use diaries and such to write down everything, but since I don’t have one… Well rest my case.

    I am angry. Thousands of people passing me by, not one looking at me directly. The only sound they make, when passing me by, is a disgusting sniff and the sound of footpaces speeding up. A cop looks at me from a distant, but has no intentions to make contact with me. If I would only make on wrong movement, he would be happy to take me to the bureau.

    I am baffled. The girl I have liked for years told me I was the most handsome boy on the party. For the first time she seems to have interest in me. When I look closer I see she has only interest because of her ex-boyfriend watching her closely. I’m used again.

    I want to cry. My drama teacher being unfair to me, again. I didn’t pas my year, he says, because I’ve been on time every lesson, but not to early. Because I left immediately when the lesson ended. He knew I had to, because if I didn’t I would miss my train.

    I’m torn apart. My grandmother died on cancer. I didn’t know she had till two weeks before… The last weeks she was in such pain that she was not the grandmother I knew. I already wondered why we weren’t feeding the ducks every Sunday….

    I am happy. After al I have been trough I am still here, with my friends and parents. Nothing can happen to me, since I am strong enough to survive… Life’s good

    Do not think I am depressed, for I am not, nor will be. I am happy with the one, who also is called….me.

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    Dear Artemis,

    There is nothing wrong with using this forum to outlet your frustrations. I too sometime need to just write the things that are bothering me. I may not be an expert at quantum physics, but I have I lot experience in life...and I would hope that I could help you deal with some of things that life throws your way.

    First sincerest condolences for the passing of your grandmother. I'm am at an age where many of my most cherished relatives are passing. I know it was very hard for you to see someone you loved soooo much be in so much pain. No words can ease that pain, just keep remembering all of those Sundays that you did feed the ducks...remember the Christmas dinner that the turkey got burned. Just remember. I sure she was a great woman, and I'm sure she's looking down right now, hoping for the best for you..don't let her down.

    As for the people who just pass you without looking at you directly...pardon my french...but fuck 'em...I'm assuming that you have a "different look" that some people judge you by. You're young, your allowed to look different. It is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside. From what I have read from you posts, your an intelligent person on their way to success. Don't let the petty judgement of idiots affect you..your better than that.

    Sometimes life is hard, sometimes life is unfair. How you step up and be a man and overcome what shit life throws at you can make or break you.

    If you ever need to discuss anything on a less than pubic forum..please e-mail me at: "" I will do my best to share what life has taught me with you.


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