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    I'm a student of Computer Science and A.I. at Sussex University.

    I have to write an essay for my cognitive science module. I am really interested in Honda's ASIMO project and I want to make it a subject of my coursework.
    I'm having a little bit of trouble getting my thoughts together, and finding info I need tho. I thought that maybe people who visit this forum would have interest in similar things and know about other available resources that I might have missed?

    The main purpose of the assay is to answer the question "Using at least one example of cross-disciplinary research in Cognitive Science, illustrate and explain the idea of interdisciplinarity.”"

    The title of my project (this still can be adjusted) is "To what extend interdisciplinary research in cognitive science contributes towards development of humanoid machines? Honda’s ASIMO project.”".
    I wrote an outline of my project and sent it off to my tutor. He came back to me with a feedback that I need to show researchers who don't work inter disciplinarily.

    I haven't got any material that describes which disciplines, during which researches were used. Maybe someone has information I would find useful or would help me find what I need?

    I do hope the above makes enough sense :P

    I'm looking forward to replies, opinions and questions.


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