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Thread: tying telaporters in a knot.

  1. #1 tying telaporters in a knot. 
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    tying telaporters in a knot.

    think of a telaporter that telaports things to a small talaporter. so the things you telaport have to be as big as the small one or smaller.

    here is where it gets interesting... if you tried to put the small one in the big one face to face it wouldnt work because the metal rim of the small one would hitting a brick wall.
    but i bet you were thinking of a circular telaporter. now think of an oval shaped porter. then put it in... not face to face but turned edge to face, long way. you would see the small one poping out of itself all the way until it meets face to face.

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    Welcome H2Omnipotent. Are you sure that is not C2H5OHopelesslyIntoxicated?

    To answer your question, rhetorical or not, I was not thinking of a circular teleporter. What makes you think I would be? (And yes, it is teleporter, not telaporter. I think telaporter is where you explain something to the concierge.)

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