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    I think I'm beginning to understand the nature of the problem between me and my doctors. I think the problem is that, generally, doctors don't understand that there is a difference between substance/drug addiction and substance/drug abuse. The difference is that one is harmful while the other is benign, or even beneficial.

    If a doctor was 100% certain that you'd become addicted to a particular medication that he was giving you, do you think that he'd have any objection to giving it to you? Don't you think that he'd want to do whatever he could to bring you into none addicted state of being? Of course he would. But that's the problem. There is nothing wrong with being addicted to something merely because you're addicted to it. It's only bad if there are negative repercussions. Some doctors think that just because there is a ceiling to how much of a particular narcotic you can be on that eventually you'd have to stop, that you shouldn't take the drug. Here is the problem with that idea; during the period in which you were becoming addicted to it you were doing well being on the drug in that you were reaping its positice benefits. That could be many man years. So you could have many years of healthy living because of that drug whereas without it you'd be miserable otherwise.

    Doctors don't seem able to graps that. Anybody disagree with this analysis? If so then please explain why you disagree. I'm quite interested to know. Thanks.

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    Our food supply is filled with 'addictive' substances, in my observation.

    How many people state that they just can't cope without their morning coffee?
    Fats, sugar and salt are the backbone of most processed food and snacks strictly because we develop cravings for them.

    Do people 'abuse' these food substances? Check out the ever increasing statistics on obesity for your answer.

    The only difference that I observe is that alcohol and drugs are taxed and regulated and people who abuse those products are more inclined to desruptive social behavior.

    In response to the OP I would suggest that doctors prescribe drugs to treat a symptom or condition and that continued drug use, with potential for addiction and/or abuse is not a solution. It is merely a coping strategy until the underlying condition can be resolved. That some of these conditions are yet to be resolved would be the reason that some may required prescribed drugs for extended periods or a lifetime. Heart medications and insulin are two examples that spring to mind. As far as many narcotic drugs are concerned, I do not have sufficient qualifications or experience to comment on where the line between addiction and abuse may be clearly defined or if that is even possible.

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