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Thread: Suicide Of A Superpower - Pat Buchanan

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    No one describes the collapse of the last few years better than Pat Buchanan. His book stands along side Huxley's "Brave New World" and Orwell's "1984" as a trilogy of nightmare scenarios. We all know about George W. Bush's trillion dollar wars. We heard his speech about closing the homeowner gap, causing banks to make subprime loans to illegals and others who had no way of making payments. We know about Wall St. greed and the mismanagement of the monetary system by the Federal Reserve. Buchanan goes deeper. He writes of the death of Christianity and the breakdown of basic morality in western societies. We see their effects in a president who grew up in Muslim Indonesia and in the coming acceptance of "gay marriage" and legalized marijuana. With the decomposition of society and endless culture wars, Americans have not only ceased to love but have come to detest one another. There is no common ground. Civilization is unraveling.

    @ Amazon Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? (9781250004116): Patrick J. Buchanan: Books
    PAT BUCHANAN official Patrick J. Buchanan - Official Website

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    Civilization is unraveling.
    The USA is not the same thing as "civilisation". Just because America is the biggest non-Asian country in the world, it does not mean that its concerns and problems are the only ones we should worry about. Most advanced economies in the world don't even have the same priorities as the USA - nor should they.

    There are more than 300 million Americans. It's a country that has always prided itself on welcoming people of all creeds and colours and backgrounds. The fact that there are more people in each of the many diverse religious and ethnic groups and modern communications has made all of them more able to make their voices heard should be something to celebrate - at least in my mind.

    "Americans" has always been a changeable concept - and they have always detested other Americans among their community - Irish, Poles, Italians, Native Americans, Catholics, Jews, Swedes, blacks, Russians, Mexicans are just some of the groups that have been detested and denigrated, sometimes by racist "jokes", sometimes by discrimination, sometimes by violence. There have always been culture wars as various groups change or move or challenge the status quo. The civil rights movement is the obvious one here, but there have been plenty of others, and there always will be.

    Being as old as I am, I can look back and see some of the criticisms and fears about Obama being very much like the criticisms of JFK being a Catholic. Goodness knows what would have been said about him - and the dire threat of Vatican "control" of the USA - if we'd had the internet back then. What was said at the time about him being a Catholic was quite bad enough.

    Buchanan's always been a bit of a nervous ninny about social changes he dislikes. I'd look for someone with a more positive view of the USA's future.

    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill
    "nature is like a game of Jenga; you never know which brick you pull out will cause the whole stack to collapse" Lucy Cooke
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    He writes of the death of Christianity and the breakdown of basic morality in western societies.

    He's an idiot and ignores the data that non-fundamentalist religious and atheist actually have stronger ethical values than fundamentalist religious persons.

    With the decomposition of society and endless culture wars, Americans have not only ceased to love but have come to detest one another
    This is typical of his ignoring the fact that fundamentalism tend to be the hotbeds for intolerance and prejudice, not only in America, but across the globe.
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    I want to say something here. This Thread strikes at the soil the roots of Democracy grow in. Civilisation as we Democratically demonstrate it. Is this directed at First World Countries, or just the peculier United States of America?

    I normally do not research myPoste Topics. I haven't this time. I make no apology. I speak only what I think I understand, garneered from personal interaction, ( over a long time ), with the Society I find myself in. Also having spent a life time reading hard cover books. To date, I think I have read three soft cover books. Alice in Wonderland. Robinson Cruseo, and Cinderella. I became a Socialist after reading Cinderella. Oh, I apologise, I also read ""The Wizard of Oz"".

    What is happening in America? Well, like everywhere else, there is, and going to be, a need to save drinking water. And the efficient use and recovery of food resource water.
    The need to evaluate National Policy.
    The need for Multi Nationals and Multi Corporations of Trade and Industry to understand that it is not Their Shareholders that come first. It is their survival that comes first.
    Economic Structure of the Federal Reserve. Of the Federal Dept. Grow money for the Economy by anticipating future direction. Killing off, with Economic Logic, that which is not viable ongoing into the Future.

    The top Salaried People receive more than a fair share of the Nations wealth.

    I found, when I was young, something that has proved to be a good guide to good order. Put this seasons young Cattle out on the open range to fend for themselves, and after a couple of years bring them in for mustering and branding. H'mm, they certainly have minds of their own, hey cowboy. No, guidance and some restraining factor is needed.

    As for a Community breakdown in Moral and ethics, well it's obvious, theres more people around, and less to keep them busy. Idle hands make mischief. Idle Minds are a tragic waste.
    Without strong Motivation to act in a certain way, like the young cattle turned to their own devices, then they do what ther've got to do to survive.

    One of the sledgehammers that have a bearing on maintenance of good order, is not seen as a sledgehammer. But that is what it is. Swearing. Simple, isn't it. Swearing. And fxxx this and fxxxthat, and stick this up your exit, and go suck on this. Lovely. Absolutely Nation Building. And do you know where swearing comes from? Frustration. Self loathing. Resentment.

    The Churches understand this. That's what they are there for. Good Order. Every Sunday they'll tell you about the Blashmers, the fornicators, who, on the Day of Judgement will be skinned alive and then pickled in acid. Oh, I'm sorry, thats what I'd do to them.

    So is America full of Fornicators? Full of Cattle turned out? Or is Obama putting a steadying hand on the Nations Priorities, needing time to guide America into a changing World? westwind.
    Words words words, were it better I caught your tears, and washed my face in them, and felt their sting. - westwind
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