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Thread: Stagger Angles for Turbine Blades

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    I am trying to find the stagger angle of a turbine blade.

    I have already calculated the values of both Beta1 and Beta2. But I am struggling with the values of Alpha.

    I have the radius, the Mach number, the rotational speed and the air temperature as well as knowing the incoming flow is entirely axial. I have also worked out the value for U using U=omega*r where omega=(2*pi*N/60)*r

    I have two different triangles with the values of Omega relative, V absolute and U. One has only a Alpha relative angle and the other has an Alpha absolute angle.

    I am unsure how to proceed to get the correct values of Alpha in order to find the stagger angles.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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    This is a rather specialized topic. I'm not sure any of our current members has expertise on this. If you could give a reference to the relevant theory and formulas that you are referring to, someone may be able to help.

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    Here's a link that might help you.
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