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Thread: Help with a short essay question.

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    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone of you could help me out a little on this question. Thanks.

    Despite statistics indicating high recidivism rates and the poor preparation of criminals for successful functioning in society, correctional techniques are slow to change. Why? Should corrections aim for changes in correctional policies or reform - that is, reduce disparities between accepted goals and existing practice? Give reasons for your answer. What steps would you take to minimize the effects of difficulties in achieving correctional reform?

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    Sounds like a homework question.

    Fixin' shit that ain't broke.
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    And if it is a homework question there will be one or two people will be happy to help you with it. But only if you show some evidence of having tried to do the work yourself. If you can't come up with at least some ideas then perhaps you should practice this phrase - "Would you like fries with that?"
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