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    Hi, I decided to desulphate my car battery by emptying out the electrolyte (neutralised for disposal) and filling with distilled water and charging at 3-4 amps for a few days.


    I knew I had some sulphuric acid to refill the battery with, however, after finding it, I discovered it had turned blackish. The acid was purchased a while back, and has remained sealed and in its original plastic bottles which are made of resin ID code code 02 PE-HD or high density polyethylene HDPE.

    Given the acid has been sealed and was concentrated 98 - 99%, i'm assuming this black colour is some slow breakdown of the plastic bottle.

    Ideally, I'd like to remove this black, as I do not know if it will affect the battery, and i'm wondering if anyone knows how this might be achieved, i've considered sintered glass filtration, or distillation.

    Obviously, had I known this would happen, i'd have transferred the acid into glass when I purchased it, but if anyone has actual experience of this, and the answer, it would be most welcome, thanks.

    As a footnote, I noticed while emptying the battery, it also had black in the electrolyte once nearly empty, so maybe the battery plastic itself is HDPE, and slowly leaches into the electrolyte over time, but I can find no references of this problem online.

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