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    Hello, I work in a small climbing gym where people use large quantities of chalk. I've read about the dangers of classroom exposure. I'm exposed to so much more. Can somebody tell me specifically what kind of risks i'm incurring and what (leaving the job is not an option) i can to alleviate or improve my situation? Thank yyou.

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    As far as I know, chalk is not a threat. It's non-toxic and the only health risk would be if fine dust causes an asthma attack for some one with asthma or severe allergies.
    Magnesium carbonate is just as safe as calcium carbonate.

    If you don't feel goofy doing it, you can wear a dust mask at work. I wouldn't bother, though.

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    The classroom exposure risk is about the clouds of dust repeatedly flung in the face of a teacher cleaning off the board.

    The risk in your occupation doesn't seem much like it. I know gymnasts and climbers and weight lifters do release a bit when they 'chalk up' - if there is any risk it's to the person using it at their own arm's length. They don't even have the same problem as the person cleaning off a chalkboard with the dust flying straight into the face. Presumably the place is cleaned reasonably often so people aren't kicking up clouds of the stuff. If you can see it constantly floating in the air (like a badly ventilated factory) there might be an issue, otherwise not.
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