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    AIM: To increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and henceforth reduce the pollutants produced by vehicles by the process of electrolysis.

    PRINCIPLE:Hydrogen kit works on the principle of electrolysis of water.Where hydrogen gas produced is used to combust the petrol in the engine and hence increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
    The hydrogen fuel cell is an implementation of an old principle which dramatically enhances the efficiency of a car's engine.It is more over based on the principle of electrolysis of water .More exactly water is split into it's two elements -hydrogen and oxygen.
    The hydrogen is then passed on to the airfilter of the engine by which it mixes with oxygen, which greatly improves the burn rate and efficiencyof the fuel. The hydrogen itself doesnt act as fuel, but as a super fuel booster.The result of complete combustions is seen in jets of water droplets ejected in the exhaust pipe of the vehicle
    Besides dramatically improved mileage, this technique also insures that the exhaust is much less damaging to the environment since it's byproduct is steam.
    The system is safe to use as the water splitting process occurs only when needed and thus no significant amount of hydrogen is ever stored in the car.
    It is extremely important to know that no tampering with the fuel injection system or the engine of your vehicle is required
    On top of these benefits, this kit has also greatly improved on the original design, managing to achieve consistently higher mileage.
    The basic impact that the HHO gas (brown gas as it is also called) has on the gasoline is that it reduces drastically the size of the fuel droplets. With smaller size, the reactivity of the fuel greatly increases, resulting a more complete and efficient burn.
    While the benefits of the first feature are obvious, the second one insures that heat dissipation is reduced to a minimum. The energy therefore is spent on useful force rather than wasted heat.
    The minimum improvement that this system has achieved is in the 20 -50% range, but my trial experimentation has achieved to more than 50%
    The technology is here, it is safe, environmentally friendly, has tangible benefits and is proven to increase your fuel efficiency..

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