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Thread: Tomorrow, when the war begun 2

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    If world war 4 begun which includes biochemical warfare and human survival, what will you do when this happens when you waked up tomorrow morning, what are the essentials things you need to bring? What if zombies do exist and your stuck at work, school, home?

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    then u can has dead.

    And you should always wear batteries. Zombies can apple the guns and then just dead, then they eat zombie.

    Beware of apples, apples are fun and bad for you. Researchers believe apples contain speakers. They are capable of dead ing bad guys.


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    I saw the Australian young adults movie Tomorrow When the War Began. I believe Indonesia invaded Australia in a full on strike. Not a bad movie, but of course it is also embarrassing because after WWII Australia was so afraid of an Indonesian and Russian invasion that they built numerous cannon lookouts all along the coasts. No invasion ever came.
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    But Tomorrow When The War Began is an unequivocally fabulous book series for Australian teenagers. It's also a good wake-up call for all those sour adults who moan about today's young people not having the same courage and resourcefulness of those of earlier generations. My daughter got into it when John Marsden was about halfway through it. And we became like all the other families waiting for the next instalment. Lots of teenagers used to order in advance, and pay the hardcover price, because they couldn't wait long enough for the cheaper paperback to read what came next. It did for teenagers' reading interest what The Day My Bum Went Psycho did for younger readers.
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