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    Hello ,

    I am hoping somebody can help me here and i did seach and could not find an approrpiate answer to my question and pure curiosity led me here.

    When it come to microchips that are tracable, in terms of GPS, or any other location specific tracable chips, is it possible to get something that is small and does not require a huge battery?

    I remember that there are microchips used for animal tracking but they require a reading device. I wondered if any of you knew if there is anything that required no reading device is about the same size but can be accessed from anywhere in the world basically? or something that is tracable via wifi like mobile phones but still is a small? i know that there are GPS tracking devices but i was looking into smaller htings and wodnered if tehre are any out there?more or less if that makes sense?

    thank you

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    You can forget about the microchips used in pets because, although they are very small and passive (ie, don't requires connection to a power source), they need to be interrogated by a nearby scanner. They are extremely short-range, probably one foot or so. Think of them as sophisticated electronic bar codes. Their data is fixed and simple, something like: Name: Fido, Owner: Bob Smith, Address: 123 Main St, Anytown USA, Phone: 123-456-7890.

    It seems that you want an active device (ie, requires connection to a power source) that can receive GPS satellite transmissions and communicate like a two-way radio (which is what a cell phone is). Then, from anywhere in the world, you can "call" the device (but only if it is within a cell tower's reception area), which then receives GPS satellite transmissions, computes it location, and informs you of its location. If exact location isn't necessary, then it can be something like a cell phone, and the phone system informs you which cell tower it is communicating through. This would obviously work only in locations that have cell phone coverage, otherwise you would need something like a satellite cell phone, which are even bulkier because they must transmit to satellites.

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    Hi addi unfortunately jrmonroe is correct, it is still very difficult to find the kind of 'really' small tracking devices we've seen in the movies for years, not that they don't exist as you'll probarbly find covert organisations have them, as generally they are very difficult to come by for ordinary members of the public. That said there are things on the market that are beginning to get smaller, one of such is the spy tracker at Global Portable Asset Tracking |, which is still quite bulky but from their advertisement can probarbly do most of the things you're looking for. I really haven't seen anything on the market yet though the size of an animal id chip, but I would suggest you check out some of the spy kit websites as this is where these devices generally do end up on.

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    ok ok, well that helps a lot thank you very much. you never know (or at least i dont) if there is anything out there in the markets already but the majority hasnt heard of it because we are way behind. Ok i will have a look at the suggested links. Thank you very much for your help.
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