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Thread: Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great Story. Victorian connection to Tasmania now operating.

  1. #1 Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great Story. Victorian connection to Tasmania now operating. 
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    Most Northern Peoples are aware of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But we now have an excellent connection to Tasmania from Melbourne.

    Question: Name the connection.

    One of four. a) The Pierdmont Bridge.

    b) The Tasman Bridge.

    c) The Straights Bridge.

    d) Bass Straight Motor// Link.

    A clue. No Tollway Charges. A return Journey for Visitors has to be paid up front to help fund Tourism and help flay the cost of maintenance. westwind.

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    Well, the two ferries going from Tasmania to Victoria over the Bass Straight were meant to be toll free, but that was a complete fail and they now cost as much if not more than traveling by plane. Still, since it's the only way to get a car across, I have used it many times.

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